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If you are like most people, you have probably heard a thing or two about court reporting and how it can be a lucrative profession without the need for any interpersonal skill. In other words, that it is a profession for introverts? But is this the case? Read below to find out.

If you take a look at the world's best court reporters, you will see that their personalities have nothing to do with their success. Everything is about their skill. And by skill, we mean typing skills at the rate of at least 200 words per minute. While 200 words do seem fast, it becomes lightning fast when you consider that the average fast typist can only type about 70 words per minute. Think you are fast? Try typing 200 words in sixty seconds or less.

But the good thing about being a court reporter is that you do not even need a court reporting degree to get started in the profession. However, most people still start by enrolling themselves in community colleges or special court reporting schools. This is because whatever skills they may already have, they can be improved upon by schooling.

It is in school that the real talented court reporters are separated from the aspiring ones. The typical court reporting school has a dropout rate of 90%. In other words, for every student that enroll, only one will complete the course. It would seem that part of the problem is the extreme difficulty of achieving a typing speed of 200 words or more.

As for the jobs, most court reporters do not start in the court. They find freelance jobs first and then land jobs in the courtroom, although there are a few lucky ones who can get into depositions in the courtroom as the official court reporter. The difference between the lucky ones and the freelancing ones is the certification. Most states require court reporters to haveĀ  certification.

Is there a shortage of court reporters in the country? From the looks of it, there is no critical shortage of workers. However, there is no critical shortage of work too. While court depositions are limited, there are many instances where the skills of a court reporter are needed, like during a very important lecture or meetings where transcription on what transpired is required.