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If you are interested in becoming a court reporter, you will have to complete some professional training course. There are a variety of methods for taking a court reporting course. The most common are online or classroom courses. Selecting a course is an important decision because the quality of your training will often dictate whether or not you are hired as a court reporter. As you consider a career in court reporting, begin by considering your qualifications. Are you a good listener? Do you pay close attention to details? Can you produce high-quality, error-free documents?  Are your typing skills at least above average?

If you believe you possess the personal qualifications to become a court reporter, you should begin researching training programs. Some are full-time, and some are part time. Full time will get you trained more quickly, but if you are working while going to school, part time may be better.

One of the best resources for finding good training programs is the national organizations for court reporters. These organizations set the standards in many areas for court reporter certification and will usually have a list of recognized training programs. The schools listed by these organizations will meet the government requirements to be a licensed or certified court reporter.

It is also important to decide if you want an online program or one that is presented in the classroom. Some people are fine with online learning, but it does take a great deal of self-discipline. Attending classes is sometimes a better method, especially if you enjoy the interaction with the instructor and other students. The benefit of online training is that you can usually complete the classwork on your schedule.

There are both two-year and four-year programs. Completing a four-year program will provide you with advanced skills, but is not necessary for most places to get hired as a courtroom recorder. As you are researching training programs, consider a few important factors.

The school should be credited by one or both of the national court reporting organizations as well as by the federal and your state government. Also, confirm how long it will take to complete the course and the cost.  Check with the school to determine which technology they are using and ensure it is the latest available. Talk with a school counselor and ask for support and financial help.

Choosing the right court reporting training program is important. You want a program that provides the right skills using the latest technology. This will help ensure you have no problem getting certified and finding a good job.